What Google Can Teach You About Yarn Swift

googleWhen you have a Yarn Swift, winding yarn from a hank or skein is really much easier.

There are many types of yarn swifts on the market Ἷ simple metal plus plastic ones and beautiful wood yarn swifts.

There are many to choose from, we've researched what's out there and made some recommendations.

We've read recommendations from top bloggers and sifted through 5-star reviews.

Here is a listing of the Best 10 Yarn Swifts we’ve found based on hours of exploring online.

A Yarn Swift made from either wood or metal plus plastic, is considered an essential tool for virtually any knitter or crocheter. Many yarns are sold as "non-balls" of wool, in hanks or skeins.

It enables hanks or skeins associated with yarn to be held in place, so that you can wind the yarn into balls.

They allow for easy balling, without the yarn getting tangled and knotted.

If you are using a Yarn Ball Winder (which we highly recommend), along with your yarn swift, your yarn will end up yarn cakes, rather than balls.

Using A Yarn Swift
Winding Wool with a swift starts by clamping the swift onto a table or counter top. To protect your desk surfaces, expert knitters recommend utilizing a tablecloth.

To make the whole process of turning a ball of yarn using a yarn swift, follow these easy instructions:

To begin, slide the clamp at the base of the swift on your table and tighten the bolt.
Remove the label from your yarn plus untwist the skein or hank of yarn. You will be left using a big ring of yarn.
Appear the ring of yarn outrageous of the yarn swift which will be in the down position
Pull the band of yarn lightly so the much side of the hank is contrary to the center.
Open up the Yarn Swift like an umbrella (umbrella swift is really a common name for this tool) till the yarn is taut on the quick.
Then secure the umbrella clamp in place.
Spin the yarn in order to find all the sections the skein of yarn has been tied.
Remove these ties.
You will find that there will be one finish that seems to be on the outside of the skein and the other on the inside.
Use the finish that is on the outside to start winding your own ball. This will make things simpler.
Then you are ready to start winding your own ball of yarn.

How to Use A Yarn Swift and Ball Winder
Using an Umbrella Swift and a Basketball Winder Combo will save you an enormous period of time. For our recommendations on yarn ball winders visit our post.

The advantage of using a yarn ball winder plus swift will mean you have center pull yarn cakes. With a yarn winder and swift, can you imagine just how much neater your yarn stash will look?

Here is a fabulous video tutorial simply by Stacey at Very Pink Knits on

Best Yarn Swift
The best yarn swift is one where the swift is made of sturdy, solid materials, such as wood and does not easily break.

A lot of knitters swear by the wooden yarn swift; Stanwood Needlecraft Wooden Coverage Swift Yarn Winder.

It is a type of umbrella swift yarn winder that is visually appealing. With its fine sanded finish and made of solid wood, it is built to last.

It is available in a medium size and large dimension. Winding yarn with a swift simply makes life so much easier. No need for the ‘knee methodἿ or making use of your dining room chair.
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